Friday, June 13, 2008

Foolish Purchase Friday: the Fold Mobile

When I think about some of the foolish (maybe even, stupid) things I've spent money on, I get nauseous. And when I add up the cost of all the foolish things I've spent money on, I get positively sick.

Lately, I've been doing a really good job of not spending money on foolish purchases; however, to make sure it stays that way, every Friday, I'm going to write about something I regret buying and the price I have paid for buying said item (which isn't always monetary). I'm hoping by documenting how much money I've wasted on foolish stuff through the years, I will get into the habit of always thinking long and hard before buying anything that's not a necessity.

Take for instance, the fold mobile.

Now, I know what you're all probably thinking -- What the hell is a FOLD MOBILE? (Well, technically it's called the mobilefold, but I like the sound of "fold mobile" better so that's what I call it.)

Basically, the mobilefold is an adjustable table with wheels, designed to "fold shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, pants, and towels quickly and easily, with a consistent fold every time." It's most commonly used in retail stores. In fact, I bought my mobilefold a couple of years ago when the Petite Sophisticate at a local mall when out of business.

I mainly bought the mobilefold because I thought it would help me fold my clothes nicer. Plus, I knew I was getting a good deal on it -- the mobilefold normally retails for $298, but the manager said "everything" in the store had to go, so she only wanted $75 for it. What a bargain, huh?

Uh...not really. While paying $75 for the mobilefold would have been a bargain if I ever used it to fold my clothes, to this date, I have never used it. Not once. Rather, it just sits in my loft, collecting dust and hogging up precious space (even though it folds up, it still takes quite a bit of space in my tiny townhome).

I'm thinking about trying to sell it or something. While I doubt there is a huge demand for mobilefolds, you never know until you try...


yellowdog granny said...

if i pay $75 for something it better give me a climax

yellowdog granny said...

if i pay $75 for something it better give me a climax

Beverly said...


ok given how much of my clothing i fold and put in dressers, i would use that thing. only problem is i bet it would cost more than you paid to ship it! lol

Beverly said...

BTW - and i may be way out in space on this one...but it's a thought anyway...

we (my son, boyfriend and parents) were talking about websites and i talk about yours occasionally. i said you had put up a new one w/ your student loans totals on it and that you're using it as a way to motivate you to pay them off. (personally i would just get depressed looking at the numbers if it was me but i know ppl find motivation in different things!)

my son said you needed to put a little segment on there saying if you would like to donate towards the loan give to this paypal acct. He said some 16 year old put a picture of himself w/ a bunny on his website and said if you donate $1000 i won't eat the bunny. do you know the kid got over $5000? now i'm not sayin you want to hold your readers hostage but hey - i enjoy reading your column enough that i get enough enjoyment out of it reading that i would donate. i know you're probably thinking it's tacky and is like begging but you're not ASKING people to give you money - you're just offering a service if they want to - you know? there will be people who donate their money for some damned thing on the internet - might as well be a worthy cause right? heh

Beverly said...

yeah - ok - cats were fighting. i got up to check to see what the hell all the ruckus was during the whole "enjoyment reading it i do" yoda speak section and i didn't proofread before hitting publish. =/

Nikki said...

I know it doesn't usually occur to people, but somwhere, someone wants stuff that you have. Seriously, ya just never know what other people want. I've found myself looking up used altoid tins on ebay before. (and yes, I found several! - DIDN'T buy any!)

Get rid of it any way you can. People need money, and there's always people looking to spend it. Why not take complete advantage of that!?

PS- Totally awesome idea of posting once a week about a regretting a purchase. Don't be surprised if you see it on other blogs. mine, I mean. :/

Diana said...

I use one of these at work (retail) and my daughter and I (who also works retail) have often said that we wished we had one for our laundry. Try it! You'll be able to get a lot more clothes in the same space--if you have a tiny townhouse, you'll appreciate that.

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