Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sell Your Old CDs or DVDs (and Don’t Buy Any More)

Getting rid of clutter is a topic that will be discussed frequently on this blog because my house is cluttered with tons of stuff I don’t need or use but just can’t seem to get rid of.

With all the stories lately, though, about people selling their belongings for gas money, I think I’ve finally found the incentive I needed to start paring down.

The first things to go? The CDs I don’t listen to anymore, and the DVDs I just had to buy but only watched once. (Seriously, why would anyone want to watch Madagascar or Memoirs of a Geisha MORE than once?)

Anyway, the other day, I gathered up the ones I wanted to sell and brought them to a place that pays cash for used CDs and DVDs. I sold 17 CDs and 4 DVDs for $30.50 which I didn’t think was so bad because a majority of my CDs were purchased back in the late ‘80s to early ’90s when I was a member of Columbia House.

Remember Columbia House? If not, Columbia House was a music club that let you buy a certain number of CDs (e.g., 20) for 1 cent plus shipping and handling as long as you promised to buy a certain number at regular “club” price. It sounded like a good deal, but in the end it really wasn’t because you ended up paying about $22-$25 for each CD you were obligated to buy, way more than what you would have paid at Target or Musicland.

“Wow, I haven’t seen them for a long time,” the guy behind the counter remarked when he saw an old CD from Bel Biv Devoe. “Or them,” he added when he saw my CD from House of Pain.

After he finished looking at all of my CDs, he remarked, “My, what interesting taste in music you have.”

I wondered if that was a polite way of saying my taste in music totally stinks?

Oh, well. At least I have another $30 to put toward my student loan debt.


jackie said...

oh this could be interesting…

Nikki said...

The problem with that out here, is that to sell my CD’s, I’d have to drive all the way to your house! maybe I should send them to you…!?

Rob said...

If you live in the UK you can always go to www.musicmagpie.co.uk who will give you money for your old CDs.

It's all online and the service is free.